1. We are NICHE-LESS.

We all are constantly evolving, so our brand will also. Our goal is to create a space where creativity and innovation are nurtured and supported. We believe that you really can DO IT ALL.

2. Support the SMALL&MIGHTY

Collaboration with our first HOUSE ARTIST, PENDWMPIAN, was an important way for us to express our love for individuals growing in their talent. We aim to continue to collaborate with others who want a digital space to grow in to. Therefore, our products will reflect people's passions from all walks of life.

3. Here to EVOLVE.

While our business is growing, we know that good things truly take time. We are learning to walk for the first time as business babies, so we hope you all can be patient with us as we develop and curate products that reflect our beliefs and interests.


In 2020 while in South Korea, I thought about what my next step was going to be. While I was there, I was reminded about how quickly life moves and how I wanted to find a way to remember my life.

This is what I wrote on July 20, 2020.

I moved to South Korea in August 2019 and had no idea what a year away from home would do to me. During this time, I lived alone for the first time in my life. It gave me a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do. Honestly, my initial plans were to stay in South Korea for two years to give me time to “find myself.” What a cliche, right? But that’s exactly what I tried to do. I tried to find something that I could do that just paid the bills and to be honest, that was depressing to think about. Covid-19 took the world by storm and it literally altered everything as we all knew it. I felt this sudden urgency to figure out my life because who knows? Maybe it’ll end tomorrow. Although I am only 25, I felt that I hadn’t done anything I felt truly proud of. From the Cache started because Nick and I found that our interests were vast and uncontrollable. People are complex, so I never understood the idea to find a “niche.” Do you f*cking know how hard it is to niche something and only do that one thing? I’m just not that person. I’ve loved so many different things in my life and I wanted to find a way to express my love for those things. I’ve had so many moments that I would want to find something that represented me but could never really cohesively find them because my mind is like an endless black hole of thoughts and feelings. From the Cache is meant to be a place that just make you think “wow, this is noice.” That’s all we want. Making a place in the world where my boyfriend and I can showcase our “moodz of the month.” Each release will be different. No two capsules will be the exact same. We do this to show that interests change and people grow. We want to harness our growth and do something we love. So, here is to bigger and better beginnings. We hope ya’ll enjoy our baby. (this website, not an actual baby :P) byes! -P.

It's a bit chaotic and all over the place, but that's just how life works. You never really know anything. We want a space to create, innovate, and grow in to..and that starts here at FROM THE CACHE. We hope you find something here, to love, because we sure have.