PENDWMPIAN is From the Cache's first house artist and we are very excited to feature her during our first ever release!


"I’ve always been super into art and all things creative, but over the years I feel like it has unfortunately slipped further into the background as I’ve had to focus on studying. I’m most inspired by films and literature, especially ethereal daydream like scenes. The word ‘pendwmpian’ is Welsh for ‘doze’ which I think suits my personality perfectly haha. My favourite medium to use is definitely oil paint and I love painting portraits! My ultimate goal is to one day hopefully make a career out of art, but, for now, I want to experiment more and really develop my own personal style. That’s why I’m so grateful for Cache as, through this opportunity to collaborate, I’ve been able to experiment and challenge myself with different styles and media, all of which really helps me to develop as an artist!"



Our goal here at From the Cache is to develop a space for continuous growth and as a small business we want to collaborate with other creatives on their own journey into their craft. Each release we will feature all those involved in our growth and sharing their stories because we believe everyone deserves a safe and supportive environment to share their triumphs and challenges.


These following images take you through life through Pendwmpian's eyes. We are so thankful to have been able to collaborate with her and can't wait to see what's in store for her next!


Follow her on Instagram and Tiktok! @pendwmpian